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How has everyone’s Fall been? Mine has been fast and fabulous! I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving. So, I am at an interesting point in my life right now, yeah buddy I am pregnant! While there are many  lovely things that come along with this time in life, baby showers, decorating the nursery, and maternity clothes. But for those of us that love clothes and even if you do not, the word  maternity can make you cringe and walking into a maternity store gives you hives. I am one of those people that when they hear “Oh you are just glowing!” or “Children are such a blessing” I just want to give you a funny look and say well that “glow” is sweat and “they aren’t such a blessing at 2am.”lol Now I know those people mean well but come on!

Your body is changing A LOT! Things are getting bigger in places you didn’t know they could. Now why do we want to wear clothing that enhance those areas. Pregnancy is not forever so why do we want to purchase a whole new wardrobe? I am here to give you some tips for wearing non-maternity clothes.


Now you could wear leggings throughout your pregnancy and why not! They are comfy and stylish when worn correctly. But what do we usually wear? Jeans! And I am not about those maternity jeans with the band that goes up to your boobs, no thank you! A trick I have figured out during pregnancy is that you do not have to wear maternity jeans. Buy a pair of boyfriend denim that may be a size or two up from what you normally wear and that are low waisted. Boyfriend denim can be quite stretchy and very comfortable but you still feel like yourself.

Boyfriend Jeans


Now tops have come a long way from what they were when women used to be pregnant. The styles tend to be oversized which is a lifesaver when you are pregnant. Right now it is sweater season  so you get to play with all the fun, cozy styles for fall. Oversized cardigans, check! Blanket shawls, yes please! And tunics. The key is to keep these sweaters loose and flowy but yet more fitted on the sleeves so you do not look bigger all over.

Blanket Shawl


Now, as I briefly mentioned before leggings are also a smart way to go during pregnancy. They are stretchy, forgiving and stylish. Now I must stress if you are going to go that route than you must, I repeat must wear a top that covers your derriere and most importantly your front. The really nice part is that leggings are fitted so you can wear your beloved fall boots or sneakers if you prefer.


Camo Leggings


      Moto Leggings

These are three tips that I have been able to go by during my pregnancy and I hope they will help you too. This is a pretty special time so enjoy it and don’t let your clothes get you down!

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