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I am so excited to get started on this blogging journey. I am wanting my blog to focus on the old, the new, and unique of fashion. My mission is to show how you can take what you have in your closet and make something inspirational! Maybe adding a few new pieces or by simply adding what you already own but do not know how to wear it.

In this blog I am wanting to target weddings. Oh yes weddings. This time comes around every year. Whether you love them or you hate them, inevitably you end up standing in front of your closet or your guys and wondering what should I wear? Well I am here to help with that daunting question. Hopefully after reading this blog post you will feel confident every time you get one of those fancy invites.

First up, the dudes. They can be so tricky and picky am I right? I am always wondering does he need to match me and if he does I do not want to look like a prom couple. The trick is to put him in classic styles if that is what he is comfortable with and then you both will always be one good looking couple.

First up the sport coat. Everyone loves a nice fitting sport coat am I right ladies? This should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. This can easily be paired with jeans, khakis, and dress pants. This item can also be worn all year long if it is the right material but we’ll get to that in a later post. The thing to watch when getting sport coats is that it hits right at the waist, the sleeve hits the top of the shoulders, and is quite fitted in the back. If you find a sport coat in the color and style that you like it is easy enough to take it to a tailor and have it fitted correctly. Make sure the shoulder seams are on the shoulder not hanging off, the cuffs are right above the wrist, and it buttons comfortably around the middle. Not even guys want to draw attention to that area. No one likes a slouchy sport coat. The best color for summer weddings is to do a navy blue sport coat. It can still be formal but looks much more casual if it is an outdoor  or country club wedding.

Sport Coat


Next up is the dress shirt. Now this is where you can have a little fun. You can play with patterns, colors and textures. The most important things to remember are to make sure the collar fits well, that it is not baggy, that the shoulder seams are on the shoulder, if they are hanging off the shoulder than the shirt is too big. Also, make sure the cuffs of the shirt go right above the wrist when holding the arm out. When you put your arm down you do not want the cuff hanging past your wrist. The shirt then just looks sloppy and not put together. Also, try to go with a slim cut dress shirt. As I will mention with the dress pants it does not mean they are for skinny guys it simply means they have a more tailored fit and are much better for layering as they will not bunch up under a sweater or sport coat.

Dress Shirt


Next the skinny tie. Everyone remembers those images of the 70’s ties. The bigger the better, right? WRONG! Many men now are opting for no tie at all and an open collar. But on the off chance that your guy opts for a tie, skinny is the way to go.Again, have fun with it. Do patterns, prints and fun colors. Or if he is gutsy enough, do a bowtie. Those are fun just by themselves so I wouldn’t go too crazy with it. Pick a fun color that coordinates with your suit. Or one that is a solid color with polka dots. With the right ensemble those bowties can be quite dashing!

Skinny Tie


Dress pants, are a fun statement. It’s thought that black dress pants or maybe some camel colored khakis are the way to go for a men’s dress outfit, well that is not the case. You are welcome for this enlightening tid bit. 😉 Guys dress outfits really can be fun and show a guys personality. For a summer or spring wedding nothing looks more sharp than a pair of crisp white dress pants, dark brown dress shoes, light blue dress shirt and navy sport coat am I right ladies? Feel free to mix it up any pair of colored pants can be very cool. If you go with a pair of colored pants it is better to go with a more neutral colored dress shirt and sport coat. Use the pants as the statement. Also remember that slim fit pants are the way to go. Even if your guy may be bigger and think that he can’t pull them off. It doesn’t mean skinny jeans and they’ll show all the goods but the are a slimmer cut and are not baggy looking.

Dress pants



Shoes, oh lovely shoes. This is the statement of the entire outfit. We may think guys shoes are so boring compared to women’s dress shoes…well not anymore! Guys dress shoes have come a long ways. You don’t have to go the designer way, baby steps my friends baby steps. 😉 There are so many different colors, styles and shapes out there. Your guy needs to always be comfortable in them whatever you choose. If he is more comfortable going with a neutral color, have some fun accessories such as buckles, perforations and a sharp shape at the front of the shoe is what can make or break the shoe. The shoe needs to have a strong square point or a strong rounded front as shown below. This makes the shoe look that much more polished whether they are Gucci or Hush Puppies.

Dress Shoes



Oh and last but not least the mens equivalent of earrings, the dress socks! I am so glad that this has caught on. When guys sit down of course their pants are going to ride up and why do we just want to see a plain old white tube sock, bo-ring! Bring on those funky dress socks.  This is where pretty much anything goes, your guy can have total control here. If he wants to have a hamburger on his socks, have at it! The one thing to remember is if  the sport coat is navy try to stick with socks that have a blue hue to them or a neutral color such as grey. If most of the outfit is black, stick with socks that have a black background.


Dress socks


Well these are my tips and tricks for helping your guy step out in style. Best of all to remember is to have fun with it. We want him to be comfortable and not look at dressing up as a suffocating event. You want to look good and your man to look equally as good. Now go forth and dress well!

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